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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm Sorry and Why Kittens Are Basically Furry Balls of Hope

     Life has been tumbling about me lately, throwing daggers of awful news and horrible images my way. So I am apologizing here for all the Facebook posts I simply cannot "like" or share, the Tweets I can't even finish reading, and the YouTube videos that I will not even click on, much less share. No matter how compelling, how absolutely right and just the thing is....I just can't.
     Because while I care - deeply, wholly, and passionately - about a lot of the world problems that are escalating everywhere it seems, I can only hold so much sadness. With plenty of my own, more immediate sorrows to handle, the onslaught of images and horrors and outrage in the news and social media is threatening to overwhelm me. I see the darkness circling, threatening to pull me into its current and drown me if I give it too much of myself.  One person's descent into the abyss was enough to make me more aware of managing the things I expose myself to that bring that same abyss closer to me. I *want* to see the hope, the helpers, and the healing - but it is tough finding it amongst the anger and sadness and bloodshed. 
     I feel guilty for not being able to handle it all, and hope that somehow I'll find a way to be engaged as a concerned citizen yet also protect my psyche from the blows of a violent and unfair world. 
     Although at least now I understand the world's obsession with online animal videos.  Adorable kittens are a soothing balm for the soul.